To stretch is a natural gesture which maintains vitality as much as the wellness. Instinctively, Stretching whilst rising is the first thing we do in the morning.

Flexibility is a physical quality, often neglected, which can be improved but unfortunately lost with time in everyday life (Painful Back, feeling of stiffness and difficulty of moving at the beginning of day).

However, a soft body is a body in good health. This quality is a significant factor of physical shape. The Stretching class consists of gradual and careful stretches to all parts of the body, in order to decrease the stiffness of muscle and articulation. With the importance of breathing,  you will have a deep feeling of wellness and relaxation.

The stretching class helps to slacken exaggerated and harmful control, that the mind (stress) can exert on the body activity. It stimulates blood circulation for an immediate wellness . By stretching each part of the body,  you will be focused on your body.



  • Decrease in pain and particularly back pain,
  • Improvement of mobility,
  • Improvement of the athletic performance,
  • Feeling of physical and psychological wellness,
  • Centering and concentration on the present time,
  • Stimulating and energizing,


How is it going?

Each class starts with a warm up to increase body temperature and to activate blood circulation preparing the body for stretching. During the class, each posture will be maintained between few seconds to 1mn. The more you practice, the postures will be more difficult and challenging with options adapted to your level. For beginners, more comfortables options are proposed in order to enjoy this moment of relaxation.

Each class ends with a relaxation, in order to avoid a falling of the blood-pressure and blood circulation in the muscles, and to keep this feeling of wellness and all the benefits of your class.


The specificity of the class

 During class, specific equipment can be used to go further in your practice, and to vary your training. Ergonomic equipment enables you to relax in full safety enjoying each posture.