A privileged moment to take care of you in a quiet atmosphere, reconnecting with oneself.

The private class offers freedom and flexibility to adapt to specific needs by focusing training on the correction of imbalance of posture in a global approach of tonicity and strengthen.

These courses are also recommended to people requiring specific training after an operation and/or during a re-education.


The exercises are carried out on specific apparatus Pilates :

  • Reformer,
  • Cadillac,
  • Chair (wunda, Baby and High Chair),
  • Barrel,

With these machines you will train with the resistance of the springs, to adapt the effort according to the desired intensity. The specificity of these devices offers the great advantage of better detecting physical asymmetries to correct them with more precision.

Manufactured by GRATZ, the equipment used is built from the original design specifications and mechanics of Joseph Pilates.

All training sessions include reformer and apparatus series, with MAT work (floor exercises). With MAT work, you will focus on felt of deep muscles and optimize work on machines.



  • A privileged moment,
  • A personalized follow-up,
  • Access to the whole apparatus and Pilates machines,