Because physical activity is also for pleasure and sharing, I propose you to create your own group (Friends, colleagues…) or to join one of the group either within the semi-private class, or within a Group Mat class.


SEMI-PRIVATE CLASS (2 or 3 people max.)

In groups of 2 or 3 people, you will practice the Pilates method  on specific machines:

  • Reformer,
  • Wall-Unit and Tower,
  • Chair,
  • Barrel,

The training on reformer and apparatus with resistance is systematically practiced with work without resistance ; the objective is to reproduce by voluntary contraction the resistance from the springs. This technique makes it possible to work in-depth and in full conscience, for a feeling of wellness and durable results. By limiting the number to 3 people, you will have a unique experience with benefits and the effectiveness of a training personalized with the stimulating energy of the group.


  • Optimizing training in a stimulating environment,
  • Enjoy specific machines traditionally only used in private class.



Group MAT CLASSES (6 to 8 people max.)

During this class, the specificity of equipment allows varying the exercises and postures, in order to increase the difficulty and to go further into the work of proprioception to preserve alignment and balance, by strengthening the deep muscles of the posture known as “stabilizers”. Usually used in Pilates, the exercises are carried out with various “small equipment”:

  • Magic-Circle,
  • Ball,
  • Weight,
  • Rubber band.

The training without resistance makes it possible to reconnect with oneself and yours feelings, awakening the body.

The specificity of this class is also due to the use of Spine-Corrector and Small-Barrel. This fantastic equipment is not only used to intensify the muscular training of strengthening and stretching, but is also specifically used for certain pathologies of the back due to its ergonomics to facilitate and make possible more difficult exercises. Also used during the class of Stretching, this equipment respect the curves of the body giving feeling of wellness.



  • The stimulating energy of the group,
  • Several levels from beginners to advanced,
  • A wide selection of schedules,
  • Enjoy an innovating class.


General advices

 An ideal training consists in regularly practicing 1 to 2 times per week.

On request, I also propose specific sessions against back pain, in order to decrease pain and releasing tension. Classes focus on the reinforcement of the thigh-abdo-glutei are also proposed,  in the line of the Pilates method.

Classes are 1 hour; But classes of 45 minutes are also offered within semi-private or group MAT classes to adapt to your schedule and optimize your time.

Bring a comfortable clothing.

After your class, showers are at your disposal.