Pilates, method of body conditioning, is a unique training of stretching and strengthening exercises, intended to strengthen body, increase flexibility, improve coordination and increase concentration in order to feel a sensation of wellness.

This technique which is based on the accuracy of posture thanks to specific exercises developed by Joseph Pilates, is a postural gymnastics which makes it possible to become aware of the fundamental importance of body alignments, breathing, and balanced posture.


3 Fundamentals:

  • The “Core” or the abdominals called “Powerhouse”  Strengthening muscles of the abdominal strap by “Scooping your belly or navel spine” rather than pushing outward, which involves the using and the reinforcement of the transverse abdominal muscle and the pelvic floor for a flat abdominal belly.
  • The principle of balance Correcting imbalances of the antagonistic muscles and to balance the posture. When a muscle is too strong or tonic, it is often noted that the opposite muscle is weaker. These imbalances weigh on posture and can be responsible for back pain. With some exercises, it’s possible to reinforce the weak muscles and to stretch and lengthen stiff and strong muscles.
  • The placement of the body is fundamental and conditions the good realization of the exercises and their effectiveness. The attention is related to the whole of the body by differentiating the active and moving parts, of the stable parts during the movement, in order to minimize the muscular and articular compensations.


Because of its many benefits on health, this technique is included in the category of sports for health:

  • Improvement of posture, flexibility and balance,
  • Muscular strengthening,
  • Stimulation of blood circulation and reduction in the syndrome of  “heavy legs” and cellulitis,
  • Awareness of body and posture,
  • Feeling of wellness,
  • Better self-confidence,
  • Improvement of the quality and fluidity of movement.


How is it going?

Pilates classes are elaborated with the exercises developed and notified by JH Pilates, method original and classic: A series of controlled movements carried out on machines and/or on the floor with specific equipment or without equipment. The method will be taught to you in order to reinforce the main muscle groups, and also in a specific way to request in-depth the stabilizing muscles of good posture. Work in synergy of these 2 muscular groups sculpt the body harmoniously and gives optimum results. The eccentric contraction sculpts the body in length and lengthens the silhouette. Each class lasts between 45 minutes and 1 hour.


Who can practice?

The practice of Pilates is adapted to a large audience whatever your age, your physical condition, men or women, and your objectives:

  • Fitness,
  • Improvement and optimization of the training for athletes,
  • Re-education after an injury or an operation,
  • Correction and improvement of posture (Back, rheumatism),
  • Pain prevention.

For pregnant women, the practice of Pilates is possible with special attention. The private and semi-private classes (3 people max.) will enable you to practice in security.


General advices  

An ideal training consists in regularly practicing 1 to 2 times per week.

On request, I also propose specific sessions against back pain, in order to decrease pain and releasing tension. Classes focus on the reinforcement of the thigh-abdo-glutei are also proposed, in the line of the Pilates method.

Classes are 1 hour ; But classes of 45 minutes are also offered within semi-private or group MAT classes to adapt to your schedule and optimize your time.

Bring a comfortable clothing . After your course, showers are at your disposal.